Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Very Long Rows

I was right about this new job eating into my knitting time. 

That's ok -- and it's not nearly as time-consuming as I thought. I'll be doing almost completely remote work and so a lot of it is working from home, so no, the new job isn't cutting into my knitting time that much.

And Shadowrun Returns is still fun, but the 'ooh, new!  shiny!'  has now worn off.

No.  My current time-sink is the Hooded Scarf.

This picture has me finally at the 6 row mark (the pattern calls for 14 rows).

You can't see scale, in this picture, but this thing is finger-tip to finger-tip on me.  It's really -really- long.

So, since getting one row done on it takes a while, my other projects are. . . well, kind of languishing, unfortunately.

I really need to get back to work on my Birthday Socks.   That August deadline isn't going away, and I still only have 1 sock.

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