Monday, 15 July 2013

Crazy Birthday Knitting

So, we've already mentioned that I'm not a fast knitter, right?

But yet I'm knitting socks for an upcoming August Birthday?  And that this is the most intricate sock pattern I've done yet?

. . . . I know, I'm crazy.

But, seriously, now that it's back to a Monday, the fun knitting goes away for a while, and I buckle down and work on the stuff that has looming deadlines.

These have to be done for mid-august, and as you can see, I'm not very far with them.

I love the pattern, but it's unfortunately fiddly enough that it's not easily memorable repeats (and having a page of charts is just not conducive to transit knitting.)  So these are my stay-at-home-and-knit socks (though they do come with me to knit-night.)

Lets see how much I can get done on these in the next few days.  Even just getting to the heel would be a huge milestone (and a boost to my sanity!)

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