Sunday, 28 July 2013

Crochet, Christmas Presents, and Distractions.

Hello all!

So I'm still working on the Hooded Lace Scarf.  

No photos yet, right now it just looks like a long, annoying snake.  I know that's an odd description, but with a pattern that has a foundation chain of 448, it is -long-.

Long and annoying.  Each row takes me over an hour.  The pattern itself it not hard at all and easy to remember.  But the rows just take -forever!- It's great as a brainless project, because I can just kind of keep going until I hit the end, but it's unfortunately, not a very interesting project, even if it also crochets up relatively quickly.

This is not helped by the fact that a friend was kind enough to gift me a copy of Shadowrun Returns.

It's a lot of fun! It harkens back to some of the older CRPGs; and also manages to capture the feel of the Shadowrun universe quite nicely . . .

And with it as a distraction, I've done very little knitting over the last few days.  I've put in the odd stitch or two during loading scenes, but that's pretty much it.  Despite it using a turn-based combat system, I can't really knit while the enemy is throwing grenades or fireballs.  I need to be paying attention, I find.

So yeah. 

I'm trying to tell myself that come Monday, I'll buckle down and actually knit more.

Maybe.  I'll see.   No promises.

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