Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sale Timing and my Bad Luck

So I went to The Knit Cafe tonight for their Knit Night.

I often go there, Knit Night is a great motivation and a chance to hang out and be social while knitting. (That and their tea is awesome, plus they stock these organic fizzy lemonades that I love!) 

When I went tonight, they had a sale on.  There were 5, 10 and 15 dollar remnant bins, and most of their regular stock was 15% off.  It runs until this Sunday, so if you get the chance, go in and take a look!

Unfortunately, it came at a bad time for me, since I get money at the end of the month, and the sale will be over by then.   The even more sucky thing is that I actually have several projects planned using the Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton, which the Knit Cafe does sell. (They sell both the Worsted Cotton and the Skinny Cotton).  I would have loved the chance to pick some up on sale.   That's how I try and buy a lot of my yarn -- wait until it goes on sale, and this time I completely missed my chance.

Oh well.  I still have lots of other things to knit, and there will be other sales.

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