Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Procrastination and Project Ideas

So, you know how I said I would drop off my Yarn Lotto ticket from EatSleepKnit on the Monday?

Yeah. . . I only did that today, and only because the Post Office is on the way to Knit Night.

I could give all sorts of excuses, but the honest truth is that I procrastinated on it.

However, I think I've at least figured out why it didn't rate as important in my immediate perception (because seriously, free yarn?  Why was this not more exciting!).

I think it's mostly because I don't have a project idea for anything using Malabrigo Sock (even though the colours look -gorgeous!)  Nothing's inspired me yet.  I am, however, very glad it's superwash.  But reading through the reviews of the yarn on Ravelry, although the description gives enough yardage for a pair of socks, I'm not sure how well it will hold up in socks without nylon or silk. 

I'm probably going to make a. . . something else.

And that's where I pull a complete blank.

I love the colourway I chose, Solis:

I really do, even if it is my usual colour palette.  But I just don't know what to -do- with it.  If' I'm not going to make socks, I don't know quite what else it will suit. I'm not a huge scarf person, and I already have (or have plans for) several hats and mittens, so I don't need more of those.  I would do a shawl, but it's 440 yards to a skein, so there's not enough for a big comfy wrap-around shawl (which is my personal preference.)

So, right now, I'm stumped.   The only thing I have a vague idea to do with it is a pair of Little Arrow Fingerless Mittens, but then I feel bad because I had those queued up to use up some stash yarn.

It's all alright in the end,  the yarn won't be arriving for a while anyway.  It's going to take a bit for my mail to get down there in the first place, and then they ask for 4 weeks to process your order. . . and right now, Solis is out of stock there anyway.  So it's not like this yarn will be arriving quickly (and I'm totally ok with that.  It's free, it can take as long as it needs!).  I have lots to work on in the interim, so it's not like I need it at all.

So yeah.

On the plus side, I got to the heel of my Birthday Socks at Knit Night tonight!    I don't have pictures yet since it's getting too dark, but they should be coming soon.

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