Sunday, 14 July 2013

Knitting and Gaming

So, I had someone ask me at one point: "when do you get the most knitting done at home?"

I know I'm a major transit knitter, but where/when else do I knit?

I answered, much to their surprise, "while playing video games."

I think that needs a bit of an explanation.

First off, I should be specific.  I'm talking about computer games here, not console games.  That does make a difference for this purpose.  The reason it doesn't work as well with console games is simple -- the controller.  It's hard (at least for me) to switch between controller and knitting needles, it's far easier to switch between keyboard and mouse and knitting needles.

But, in answer to the question, yeah, I do a lot of knitting during video games. I knit during cutscenes, while waiting for mana/shields/energy to recharge, while traveling on the world map, while waiting for something to load. . .  the list is pretty endless. Right now I'm playing Arcanum, and while the game is fun, combat either runs super-fast real time, or super-slow turn-based.  I'm opting for super-slow turn based, and knitting (or right now, ball-winding) while all the other characters act.

So long as it's something I can put down, this works really well for me.

As an interesting point, I'm a television knitter, too, (it's exactly the same principle, at least to my head) but we don't watch a lot of televsion, and don't have cable.  So unless I'm purposely putting on a show or movie, we just don't have the TV on a lot. 

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