Sunday, 21 July 2013

More Useful Links -- or, What on Earth is an RKI?

Hello again!

Quick post tonight before I wander off to bed --  I knew there was a resource I'd forgotten to post, and now I remember.

It's this.

The Birthday Socks are a pretty complicated pattern, and while I was working it, I found what was labeled as an RKI stitch.  I had no clue what this was.  It seemed to be some sort of increase, but I couldn't figure it out.

While the pattern included directions, the written directions for this particular stitch just didn't quite make sense for my head.

So, Google and a bit of sluthing gave me this resource, including a page all about lifted increases.  And the photos just made a lot more sense then the description in the pattern did.  That's no slight on the pattern, that's just how my head works. I have some issues regarding spatial and kinesthetic sense, so it's always hard for me to figure out exactly where the needle/hook goes, and it make take several different descriptions and tutorials before one sticks.

(And now I actually really like the lifted increases.   They're almost invisible.  If a pattern doesn't specify,  I'll either use these or an M1 increase, depending on what, specifically, I want.)
Anyway, hope that's helpful, and alleviates some confusion.

Happy Crafting!

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