Thursday, 25 July 2013

New Project! (That is, more Christmas Knitting. . . )

I had the goal of trying to clear out a few projects from my needles.

Really I did. . .

And I guess I'm not exactly breaking that goal, since my newest project uses a hook, not needles.

I've started into a Hooded Lace Scarf.  It's my first foray back to crochet in over 10 years, but now that the foundation chain is done, it's actually looking ok; and not as scary as I thought.

When I first saw this pattern years ago as a teenager, I really thought it was pretty.   But as a teenager, there was no way I was wearing a lace hooded scarf; and I didn't have the crochet confidence to make it.

Flash forward, and that pattern still appeals to me.  (I'm -so- glad I kept my old pattern books!) 

But it's still not my style.  But I want to make it, and the challenge of a simpler crochet project is appealing. (Even if I did have to go to tutorials for single and double crochet to remind myself of what I was doing!) 

And then I had a brainwave.  I know someone who's style it is, who would actually appreciate and have opportunity to wear such a thing.

Yeay for a new Christmas project!   

The yarn I'm using is Handmaiden Fine Yarns Lady Godiva.  It's a silk/wool blend that has a gorgeous sheen.  I ordered some from EatSleepKnit, since I couldn't find a place near me that stocked it (this was the order that had my winning ticket for a skien of Malabrigo, which is still awesome!)

Why did I start this now, though.  When I've got so much other knitting to do?

Well, part of it is because the Lady Godiva yarn has been calling my name since I got it.  It's really pretty. . .

But the bigger part is that I needed a brainless project.  My volunteer work, while I love it, has me sitting through very long meetings.  Knitting/crocheting keeps me from getting too fidgety, which means I actually pay attention.  But I need a brainless project, something that I don't have to think about, and this pattern, with a foundation chain of 448 stitches and a 1-row repeat, is pretty brainless.

So there we go.  More Christmas gifts started.  Maybe I'll actually finish some of them!

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