Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Simple Ribbed Bag Pattern

Hello all!

I've had a couple of people ask me (or my roommate!) about a pattern for the headphone pouch I made my roommate.

So, as requested, here it is!

Simple Ribbed Bag

Gauge:  18 sts = 4 inches in k1 p1 ribbing (gauge isn't super important for this, though)

Yarn:  140 yards of  Red Heart Sport Solid (DK weight).

Cast on 56 stitches with a 3.75 mm circular needle or double-pointed needle set. (Use whatever size you need to get gauge, I usually knit on pretty small needles).  Join in the round, being careful not to twist.

Knit 7.5 inches (or however long you desire) in k1 p1 ribbing.

Eyelet row:  *(K1 P1) twice, YO* repeat between * 14 times total.
Next row: *(K1 P1) twice, k2tog* repeat between * 14 times total. 

Work 3 more rows (or more if you want a longer edging), then cast off in ribbing.


Sew the bottom end (the end without the eyelets) shut.

Create a twisted cord:  Cut 2 lengths of 3 to 4 feet of yarn, anchor one set of ends to an object, (tape it to a table, for example) and begin to twist them togther.  Twist it until it kinks up on itself.  Then, place both ends together and fold it in half. It should twist up on itself.  One end will be the folded end, the other end will be all 4 of the loose yarn ends.   Knot those ends together in an overhand knot.

(Sorry I have no pictures for this part -- if people want, I can get some!)

Feed the twisted cord through the eyelets of the bag.  If you want a shorter twisted cord, cut the knotted end and re-knot it at the desired length (be careful not to let it untwist!)

You can either tie it like that, and have two drawstrings, or you can 'button' the overhand knot through the small loop at the end of the twisted cord and have one drawstring (if the loop is too tight, gently untwist it for a moment and put the knot through.  It should re-twist itself.)

And there you have your very own Simple Ribbed Bag.

Final measurements are about 13 inches around and 8 inches tall, (without blocking) but this is extremely customizable if you'd like.

I suspect this would work well in any larger-weight yarn (worsted, aran).  I would suggest a fiber with a bit more stretch that won't sag out of shape over time.

Author's Note:  I'm sorry my pattern isn't as exact as I would like, I originally just made this on the fly and didn't really take copious notes at the time.  If anyone's having any trouble, or finds any errors, please don't hesitate to drop me a line -- you can leave a comment here.

Hope you all enjoy!

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