Monday, 15 July 2013

Knitting with Rags

Ok.  So not only do I have the crazy birthday knitting,  but I also have my other regular ongoing projects as well, one of which is a Knitted Rag Rug.

When I finish my prototype Rag Rug, I'll put the directions up here.  It's a really good way to get extra use out of old t-shirts, shirts, that kind of thing, and I've already had people ask me about how to make it.  Since I do want to make a second one, when I start the second one, (which may be a while, just so everyone knows!) I'll take some photos as I go and actually post up a semi-proper pattern.

That aside, I did it with as tight a tension as I thought I could manage.  Strips of fabric on 7.5 mm needles is a very tight knit.  I wanted a tight knit so it would be durable and stand up to washing, which is great, but makes for a brutal (and slower) knit.

This means, however,  that I usually only do 1 or 2 rows on it before I move on to something else -- and that's definitely something I'll note in the final pattern.  This is not a quick-knit, instant-gratification project.  I just finished 1 row on it, and today, that's it.  Anything more and my hands start to cramp.

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