Sunday, 14 July 2013

Knitting on a Sunday Afternoon. . .

Ok, so with the summer heat, you'd think I wouldn't be knitting winter things, right?

Hah, think again!

I'm not a fast knitter, so pretty much everything I'm working on is winter stuff, or is birthday and Christmas stuff.  So, in my intelligence, I sat down in front of my computer with my knitting to work on. . . my Spring Coat.

I call it a 'Spring Coat,' but  it actually will probably end up being a 'Fall Coat', given my knitting speed.  I don't mind that, per se, but it's a very heavy thing to have an aran-weight cardigan on your lap in the summer heat.

Oh well.  I'm actually really enjoying working on this.  It's why I chose it as my relaxing knit for a Sunday.  And right now, I'm actually balling up the next skein of yarn for it, so right now I'm not arguing with the actual cardigan itself.

I'm also thinking. . . I think I have some leftover buttons from a store-bought sweater that got turned into rags.  They're a deep brass colour, though they're actually plastic, if I remember right, and they would be perfect for this.

I'll have to raid my button jar later. 

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