Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nice Warm Mittens

So I finished my Fair-Isle Mittens.  I -almost- had them done by the KAL deadline of the 15th, but weekends around the holidays are very, very busy.

All I had left to do was the thumb and weaving in the ends, but it just didn't get done.

Oh well, they're done now, and its a good thing, too.  My previous flannel mittens weren't keeping out the cold.  These are stranded, so all the yarn floats on the inside add to the warmth and layering of the mitten.

There's still a cowl and hat to come in this set, but I don't need those nearly as much.

Oh, yeah, and they're apparently kitty-approved, since I caught one of the cats dragging them off of the towel where I'd left them to dry after blocking!  Kitty number two really does love Briggs and Little, it seems!

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