Monday, 23 December 2013

Help With Mattress Stitch

I've yet to memorize Mattress Stitch.

Like grafting (kitchener stitch), it's just something that hasn't yet become automatic.

However, since I have to seam my Marian Cowl (the pattern is written in-the-round, but I don't have any 12.75 mm circulars, just straights), I wanted something that would be close to invisible but not too heavy.

So, hence my searching for a tutorial on Mattress Stitch.

And, once again, Knitty came to my rescue.   They have a wonderful tutorial on Mattress Stitch that I currently have open while I seam. 

. . . I love the internet.  Just having this information at my fingertips with a simple web search is -amazing!-

However, I should return to seaming.  I'll try and get pictures of the finished cowl once I get daylight tomorrow.

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