Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Knitting on Christmas Eve. . .

Yep, it's Christmas Eve, and I'm still knitting.

However, I did finish the Marian Cowl (it knits up superbly fast!)

Unfortunately I have not yet finished the Dragon Rider Gloves.  I've got about a glove-and-a-half to go, still.  But these are my only project for the day, and hopefully I can finish them before my roommate gets home!  She's getting home early, though, because it's Christmas Eve.  Here's hoping.  In fact, one of the reasons they've taken longer is simply because I can't work on them when she's home!

Also, I started a new project, a pair of Lace Mittens in old worsted-weight acrylic.  They're for a Secret Santa on the 30th. The pattern is called 'Sit N' Knit Mitts', and it's available on Ravelry as a payed download (I was lucky enough to get it for free with a coupon a while ago!)  No picture yet, but they're coming along.

That's the end of the Christmas Knitting for now; here's hoping everyone has a great Christmas; and is staying safe with all the ice still out there.

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