Monday, 2 September 2013

Project Updates -- September 2nd

Well, the knitting continues. 

Things have slowed down for the moment, and I've gotten some more things worked on.

First, I'm almost done the first glove of the Birthday Gloves. I just need to finish the index finger on the right glove, and I'll be half-way there. 

I'm not super-worried about my deadline.  I can get the cuff and the fingers done on transit, if I need to, and the Fair-Isle in the centre goes reasonably quick.

My other major progress has been on my Shorts.  I've gotten through the base stripes, and I'm currently doing the crotch shaping.

I realized after I'd gotten the yarn for these that they are close (though not exactly the same) in colour to the shorts pictured in the pattern book:

I didn't plan that, I swear!

Well, it's a quiet holiday Monday (no work today!) and since it's cooling down, now, I'm going to pull out the Spring Coat and do a few rows on that.  I've got to put another buttonhole in on this row.

Goodnight, all! 

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