Monday, 16 September 2013

Project Update -- September 16th

Well, it's been a busy knitting week, but there are only a few big things of note:

1) I finished the soles on the Fall Lake Slippers and started into the slipper foot proper.

I'll sew in the ends later.

While I'm quite happy with the pattern in general, I do have to say that the pfb back stitch is -hard-!  I'm discovering that purling through the back loop, in general, is just really fiddly to get the needle into place.

2) An update on the Pyjama shorts.

I finished the left leg during a Role-Playing session.  Haven't cast on the right leg yet.

Yes, the bottom curls a lot, there's actually a purled fold line there, the bottom of the leg is folded up and seamed. 

3) Finally, though there's no picture, I've started the increases for the sleeve on the Cable Sweater.  The sweater's taking a while, but hey, I'm ok with that.  It's a slow but steady project, and I'm actually quite enjoying it.  I'm a little worried I might run out of yarn, but I'll deal with that if it actually looks like I will.

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