Friday, 6 September 2013

Back from Lettuce Knit

So, I'm back from my day around downtown, and my trip to Lettuce Knit.

It was actually pretty cool.  Smaller then I expected, but hey, that's ok.  I don't know how often I'll be there, as it's a bit off the beaten path for me, (but if I do get that job, they're super-close by!)

So I hung out there and knit on my Mercury Socks, (which are new to this blog, I started them ages ago as part of a previous test-knit).

That's the first sock, I'm almost done the second.

I also found a bunch of new yarn.  I always like picking up a skein or two of yarn when I'm in a new-to-me yarn store, so. . . .

This is Northbound Knitting's Merino Superwash DK in "Conjure".  This just looked awesome to me.  I wish there had been a second skein of it, but no, no luck.

Then, one skein of Blue Moon BFL Fingering in "Neptune".  I'm hoping this will hold up well enough to make socks, I generally hear good things about the durability of the BFL fiber. 

And though I didn't originally intend to get these, I got three Blue Moon Silk Hankies on sale (they had an overstock).  One is "Sky Blue", the other two are "Sky Blue Pink."

Finally, after all that, I came home to a parcel in the mail from EatSleepKnit.  My skein of Malabrigo Sock, (from my winning yarn lotto ticket), arrived!

So, this is Malabrigo Sock, in "Solis".

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