Monday, 9 September 2013

I no longer fail at cast-ons!

So, after my spectacular inability to cast on, I've finally gotten some actual work on the Gox Socks test knit.

Now that I can apparently not screw up something simple, I'm actually really loving the pattern.  It's an involved knit with cables and twists, but it's reasonably easy to remember.  (Though given my luck with it I don't think I'll bring it as my transit knitting!)  It's also producing a nice thick fabric that promises to be very warm.

Also, I took the 2.25 mm needles I just freed up, and am now using them for these.  Since this pattern uses arch shaping, I've been warned that all the gusset increases happen on one needle, so the longer the needle, the better.

But I'm really enjoying these, now that I don't fail at casting on!

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