Friday, 13 September 2013

Fuzzy Knitting Helpers.

Well, this was supposed to be a general update on my other knitting projects.

But it appears to have been taken over by the cats!

First is my Spring Coat (which with a bit of knitting luck might be finished in time for deep Fall, I'll have to see).  I finished the body to the underarms and started the sleeve.

But this is what happened when I put the body aside and went to find my double-pointed needles for the sleeve. . .

She was quite content about this!

Secondly, I was winding the yarn for the Fall Lake Slippers, and I had the other fuzzy helper decided to 'help' unwind the skein.

She really does like Briggs and Little, it seems!

The sole I'm knitting up is from an older slipper pattern that I already have, and it's done with the yarn held double.  Well, bulky yarn held double on 4.5 mm needles is a pretty tight knit.  I'm glad I'm only working the sole with doubled yarn.

Finally, I won 5 dollars over PayPal from a contest I entered months ago.  I'd always intended to pick up a pattern over Ravelry with it (because there's not much else I would spend 5 dollars online for), and decided on the Fairview Scarf.  I intend to do it in Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label.  Yes, Silver Label is no longer being distributed, (but you can still order it directly from Tanis Fiber Arts), but last I checked the Purple Purl still had some in stock.

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