Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Job Interview and plans for another day around downtown:

I got a job interview! 

It's a place I applied for ages ago, and they got back to me and asked if I could come in tomorrow.  The position's part-time, so it won't interfere with my current job.

I'm excited, nervous, and going to try and go to bed right after I finish typing this.

Thing is, I'm meeting someone downtown later, so there's no point in me going home. It makes more sense to hang around and do some of those errands I didn't get to earlier, but even then, I'll have time to kill.

However, I realized I'm going to be close to Lettuce Knit.

I've never been there, and it's convenient that I can go there and sit and knit to kill some time.  There are a good number of little restaurants nearby it that I can get lunch/dinner (hopefully with better luck then last time!), including the place that I originally wanted to go to.

With a bit of luck, I might even be able to clear a project off the needles.  That would be nice.

On another note, I put in another order at EatSleepKnit -- with the Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted back in stock, I just ordered the last of the remaining yarn for my christmas gifts.

Finally, after all that, the choir at my church is starting back up for the fall, so the first practice is tomorrow evening.  It'll be nice to be singing in the choir again. :)

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