Thursday, 20 February 2014

Test Knit Socks and a Tension Fail

Ok, so I finished the first of the Colour-work socks.

However. . . I had a tension fail.

As you can probably see, the tension on the second set of the stitch pattern is very different then the set on the first stitch pattern.  And I have absolutely no clue why that happened.  It's the same stitch pattern, same needles, so the fault isn't in the written pattern, just that my tension varied.

Now yes, your knitting tension can vary during the day, or even longer.  But this is a more extreme example of that!

Well, suffice to say, even blocking didn't save it.  While yes, I finished the test-knit, I'm still going to have to frog back to the heel and re-knit that part on larger needles.

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