Monday, 12 May 2014

Octopuses? Octopi?

EatSleepKnit is hosting another KAL.  This time, it's all about knitting your team mascot.

That may sound like it doesn't make sense, at first, but I shall explain.

So, all those who order from EatSleepKnit are given a team, and each team gets various challenges.  I'm skipping out of the scavenger hunt, since I don't have a t-shirt, but I am doing the trivia and the team mascot challenges.   Doing the various challenges gets you more yardage in their yarnathon, which equals more free stuff and more store credit.

Ok, it all sounds great, right?   But I've been placed as a member of team Octopurls, and . . . well, I'm not a huge octopus person. I don't hate them, I'm not afraid of them, but I've never really been 'into' them.   So what on earth was I going to knit?

The answer came in the form of a convenient christmas gift:  The Octopus Mittens.   They're a child-size mitten that knitted up using cables and texture to look like a little octopus.  Not my thing. . . but my little cousin should love it. 

I'm stealing a bit from an extra skein of Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted I got ages ago (I got 8 skeins for a cardigan, I only need 7, and even that is lots), since it has to be yarn bought from EatSleepKnit (fair enough).    So far, they're knitting up really quickly. 

Pictures might be delayed, since my tablet has turned into a brick.  Apparently it's a known design flaw with this particular model of tablet.  But it's still under warranty, so they're just sending me a new one!  And while my digital camera works just fine, the SD card reader on my 4 year old laptop is borked, so I have no way to get the images -off- my camera except for begging my roommate to pull them off the SD card and send them to me, which, while she's cool with that, still isn't as immediate as I would like.  That's ok though.  Less picture taking means more time to knit!

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