Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pretty Yarn

I realized I'm behind!

For those who remember my post about Tanis Fiber Art's ETSY shop update?

Well, my yarn came a while ago (late Febuary), and I realized that I've been neglecting my readers and didn't put up pictures of my new yarn.


Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label in Periwinkle.  I plan for this to be a second pair of Mercury Socks.

Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label in Fjord.  I want to do a second pair of Flying Hearts Socks (with a longer cuff) with this.

Tanis Fiber Arts Amber Label in Aurora.  This was a new base that Tanis created for this update, it's a Merino/Cashmere/Silk blend that's wonderfully squishy.    I want to use this as the contrast colour for a pair of Snowfling Mittens (I still have to get my hands on the pattern, but that can sit for now!)

And last but not least, Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label, also in Aurora.  It the same colourway as the Amber Label, above, but it looks quite different in the skein.  These are going to be an attempt to make aran-weight socks two-at-a-time

I haven't yet broken my attempt at not buying yarn (I'm still being good, I promise), but I did realize that I hadn't posted these pretty things.  


  1. Yes! you must knit a pair of flying hearts socks, this yarn will show the pattern beautifully! How are you liking amber label, I have yet to get my hands on this base

  2. I'm actually still working on my first pair of Flying Hearts, but I like the pattern enough that I do have plans for a second. :)

    As for Amber Label -- I haven't started the Mitts (and probably won't for a while). I'm hoping I can actually get a second skein of Amber Label in a contrast colour in one of Tanis' next updates if she does that base again. But it's wonderful in the skein -- I find myself taking it out to pet it!