Sunday, 9 March 2014

An (almost) Yarnless Lent.

So, I was puzzling over what to give up for Lent. I always like to try something that I know I can do, but that will also be a challenge.

Then it hit me.

So, my challenge for Lent is to not buy yarn.   I've bought more yarn then I've intended to over the last little while, with sales and such, I'm finding it a bit too easy to justify 'oh, it was on sale!' and I don't want to do that any more.   My cupboard of yarn is completely full too,  and I don't like having the extra yarn about my room.

That, and I want to save up for the Toronto Knitter's Frolic in April, so this is something that I can do.

However, I did still get more yarn.   I just didn't buy it.

See, my father's been going through the stuff in storage, and he came across all of my mother's old fiber stuff, including yarn.  Since a lot of that yarn is still perfectly good, he brought some to me today.

It's all acrylic, which isn't my first choice, but some of the colours are really nice, and acrylic does make for good gifts because it's such easy-care.  And none of it so far is the super-scratchy annoying acrylic.    That, and the colours I don't think anyone I know would like (hello hot pink!) can be donated to the local Humane Society, to make blankets for the animals, which is where some of these are going.

It was kind of funny, going back through this old yarn, with most of the ball bands still on, and seeing if they brands were on Ravelry, (and if not, updating the Rav database!).  It was also kind of neat just to think that I will be using the same yarns my mother used to work with when I was a kid.  There's a definitely nostalgia value there, I completely admit.

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