Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cable Disasters

I screwed up.

No.  It's not supposed to look like that.  Not at all.

I mis-crossed the centre cable on the Sleeve of my Spring Coat.  That's what I get for knitting cable patterns while distracted.  Now usually, I'm the type to leave small mistakes where they lie, but this, this is a big mistake, and annoyingly visible.  It will bug me.  It looks deformed and I hate it.

But I also can't just ladder down and fix it, because there are other cables in the way.


This wonderful post on how to darn over screwed up cables, from the Yarn Harlot's Blog

I'll be doing option number two (aka, the voodoo), as soon as I hit the end of this skein and have some yarn free to do the darning.

Because that is just too ugly for me to be happy with it otherwise. 

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