Thursday, 1 August 2013

Yarn Store Hunting in Durham Region

Ok. My new job does have me doing some optional traveling (and I actually like traveling around and seeing new things, so I volunteered to do so).  I won't be doing anything more then a day trip, and I can get my travel costs reimbursed, so why not!

That day trip will take me into Durham Region.  I have sites in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa, to name a few; and I'd love to get some site visits in.

I feel like a bit of an idiot.  Someone on Ravelry mentioned the idea of looking up yarn stores when you take a trip.  And I started wondering if there are any good yarn stores in Durham.

Apparently, according to Ravelry, there's a Yarn Store right by where I'd be visiting in Ajax called Bouclair. No website, or anything, but I might still stick my head in to see what they have.

This is a double advantage for me, also, because I don't drive. So while I can get out to Ajax Go Station with relative ease, getting to my site will take a bit longer, because Durham Transit buses are every half-hour/every hour.  Now I'll (hopefully) have somewhere awesome to kill time while I wait for the bus.

Also, Kniterary (in Whitby, directly north of the Whitby Go Station), looks promising too, and it looks like it's only a short jaunt from my site in Whitby. 

I won't be doing either of these for a bit, I'll have to coordinate with the sites I'm working with and set up a proper site visit.  But now the idea is even more exciting. 

Exciting thoughts.  Nice to know there's somewhere to get yarn if I end up waiting for a Go Train or something.

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