Friday, 16 August 2013

Briggs and Little, and plans for an experiment:

So, I gave in.

A few posts ago, I commented that I would have to make an order to the Briggs and Little Mill?
I did that today.

It's actually quite a sizable order, given that, like a lot of my recent yarn buying, I was waiting until I had money.

I was going to delay on this further, but my roommate requested a new pair of slippers in Atlantic, (her slippers are holding on with sewing and duct tape!)  and I've been meaning to make myself a new summer cap for a while, since I left the old one behind at a friends house a few weeks ago.  So, I decided that now was the time to do that order.  I also decided to do a bigger order because a) I do have money right now, and b) it saves on shipping.

They were really sweet over the phone, and told me that it will go out in the post tomorrow.   Unlike my previous annoyance with Canada Post (see the bottom of this post), the final price includes taxes and shipping, and shouldn't include any surprises, given that it's shipping in Canada to Canada.

I got a bunch of stuff in a variety of weights, including some Super for a knitting experiment:  Can I knit a winter coat that will stand up to a Toronto Winter?

See, I found a pattern for a Winter Parka (yes, I kid you not!) in an old Patons Leaflet that I inherited. I really like the look, but I don't think it's going to be warm enough on its own.  So, I'm upping the yarn weight from Bulky to Super-Bulky (at the same gauge, so it should be a good, tight, fabric), and I'm going to double-knit a lining into it (I'm currently thinking Blue Sky Alpaca's Techno for the lining).  Then I can also add in something else for warmth if needed (I'm thinking something along the lines of Briggs and Little's Carded Fleece, but that's still being explored).

After this, I really won't need any more yarn (Except the Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted I've got wait-listed at EatSleepKnit, but that's for Christmas Gifts.)

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