Monday, 7 April 2014

More Very Long Rows

I've come to a conclusion about projects with 400 or more stitches on the needles.

On the one hand, they usually turn out awesome.

On the other hand, when my method of doing chores is 'knit one row, do a chore', it means that I get a lot less done around the house!

Such has been the case with my Ethereal Shawl, but it is still coming along.  I'm onto the last chart of the pattern; and while each row takes about half-an-hour, I can see that the result is going to be stunning.

The current picture doesn't do it justice at all.

For one thing, this picture is old and I've come a lot further.  For another, the lace is all scrunched up and won't show the pattern until it's blocked. 

I'm actually really excited about the blocking process.  I have my blocking mats, and I bought some rust-proof t-pins from EatSleepKnit a while ago, so I should be good for blocking my first lace-weight shawl. I actually don't want it to grow a lot, so I'm probably not going to stretch it out a lot.  

It'll be an adventure!

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