Wednesday, 8 January 2014

More Socks

It seems I have a love of test-knitting socks.

In this case, I'm testing knitting Foare Socks (and no, I'm not quite sure how you pronounce that, but the pattern is awesome, regardless).

It's a colour-work pattern, so I balled up both colours, and it came out quite well.  I think the colours should work well together.

For the lighter, (and main) colour, I'm using the other skein of  Tanis Blue Label in "Frost" that I originally got in case I needed it for the Gox Socks.  Well, the Gox socks are getting closer to done, and I don't think I'll need it, so, I put it to use.   The darker colour is an inherited mystery yarn, so I'm happy to try and use a bit more of it up.

The other nice thing is that the pattern is a lot of basic stocking stitch, which makes it wonderfully brainless television/computer knitting.  That's good, considering that the deadline for having one sock done is Jan 19th. 

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